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This area is full of rich ore and mineral deposits. Lucerne Valley is to the north of the San Bernardino Mountains which just happens to be home to one of the earth's largest deposits of high quality limestone and calcium carbonate and is in very high demand. Several mines employ hundreds of workers in all skill levels, from geologists to truck drivers and everything in between. Modern processing plants run 24 hours per day to fill the earth's demand for product all while staying within EPA dust, noise, safety and pollution limitations.

Volcanic activity has left some cinder cones in our area that are producing some beautiful cinders or scoria that is used in landscaping and road building.

Hundreds of other mines are still active today in our valley, excavating valuable rocks and minerals. Mining is an important asset to this community.

Key Benefits

bulletMining in Lucerne Valley employs hundreds of local workers.
bulletSkilled and unskilled workers can work close to home.
bulletVery little pollution is created by mining.
bulletRead about some of our Mining History.


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