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New Housing Starts are Up

Permits for new houses have increased in 2004.

Area contractors have announced New Housing Starts in Lucerne Valley have increased in the past year. Since the school tax has been suspended, interest in building new homes and mini-ranches has increased dramatically. Most of the homes being built are 2400 sf or larger on lots 2.5 acres or larger, zoned for agriculture and animals. One builder said large workshops, barns and corrals are commonly put in with the initial construction.

Is this good news for the small community rural lifestyle Lucerne Valley residents are accustomed to? 'You Bet!' stated one family attending a local gymkhana at Midway Park. 'We need more competitors at our events to keep us competitive' stated another participant. In a recent survey (2003) local residents stated they wish to keep this a rural community.

Local realtors report existing properties are selling fast, too. Out of town folks are picking up these good deals, even HUD properties, fixing them up into mini-ranches and settling in with their families, at well below what you can find anywhere else.

Maybe it's time to look at an alternative to city life and boarded animals. A lot of folks have changed the way they look at small towns. Lucerne Valley may look rough around the edges but that's what attracted most of us. We have almost everything here except smog, crime and overcrowding. If you're self employed or can work over the Internet or don't mind a short commute, your adjustment will be easy.

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